Measurement Types

A variety of precision measurements can be achieved with Kaman’s Eddy Current Systems. Inductive eddy current sensors operate by generating a high frequency electro-magnetic field about the sensor coil which induces eddy currents in a target material. A conductive target is required, but a ground connection to the measuring system is not necessary. Sensor performance is affected by target material conductivity. Inductive sensors have a large spot size in comparison to other technologies. Performance is affected by temperature changes, but not by environmental contaminants or target finish characteristics. They can operate in a vacuum or in fluids. Nonconductive material between the sensor and the target is not detected. The measuring distance is typically 30-50% of sensor diameter.

As with any device, both contact and non-contact measuring technologies have a wide range of performance  characteristics ranging from very low (on-off) to very high precision (nanometer resolution), depending on their construction. It is not only necessary to choose the correct technology, but also the correct level of performance for an application.

Below are some of the measurements Kaman can do for you:

  • Position
  • Displacement
  • Vibration
  • Alignment
  • Dimensioning
  • Sorting
  • Web Thickness
  • Gap Dimension
  • Roll Gap
  • Speed
  • Tilt Tip