High Precision

High Precision Sensors & Systems

Kaman offers thousands of high-precision sensors for different measurement ranges, materials, environments, temperatures, and pressures. Our extensive offerings include handmade custom precision sensors to sensors manufactured in a fully automated environment. Kaman makes sensors capable of operating in temperatures from cryogenic to 1,100° F.

Our sensors provide non-contact indication of linear position/displacement by outputting an analog voltage, or, in some cases, a current that is proportional to the distance between the sensor face and the target being sensed. Eddy current technology requires an electrically conductive target. It does not need to be a grounded target, and performance is typically the same whether the target is ferrous or non-ferrous.

Kaman has numerous sensors based on its core technology. Some sensors are general purpose, like the KD-2446, KD-2306, and KDM-8206. Others are high-performance, best suited for particular applications, such as the SMT-9700. And some sensors are designed with specific applications or environments in mind, like the ThreadChecker™ and the Extreme Environment sensors.

High Precision Measuring Systems