Over 30% of our business is with custom and OEM accounts. Kaman Precision Products | Measuring services a diverse collection of industries. From semiconductor manufacturing equipment to metal forming, Kaman measuring systems have been integrated into OEM products and custom applications. If you are building an automotive engine test stand or designing rocket engines, Kaman has a unique solution for your linear displacement measurement needs.

We have been addressing custom and OEM applications for over 40 years. Chances are that we have solved your application in the past and will be very helpful in applying this experience to your current application. We have streamlined the process over many years and can provide a firm fixed price in as little as five working days.

Cost is always a concern with custom and OEM applications. Kaman is committed to providing the best solution for your application. If the inductive technology in which we specialize is not the most cost-effective solution for your application, we will tell you what is, and recommend an alternate vendor.

The graphic on this page is an extremely small sample of the variety of custom and semi-custom sensors we have produced in the past. Let us have a shot at solving your measurement challenge! Please contact us to start the ball rolling.

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