Differential Systems

Included in our technology are proven measuring systems capable of sub-micro inch resolution. Differential measuring systems are a significant advancement in precision measurement technology. It provides exceptional resolution, repeatability, and nulling accuracy for detecting the aligned/centered position of a conductive target relative to a pair of non-contacting sensors.

For differential measurement applications, two precisely matched sensors per channel are positioned on opposite sides or ends of a target. In this sensor-to-target relationship, as the target moves away from one sensor, it moves toward the other an equal amount. Kaman Systems solve problems in optical technologies such as mirror positioning, vibration sensing, and precise stage alignment. The KD-5100+ is an upgraded higher reliability version of our proven KD-5100 and used in airborne night vision systems, fast steering mirrors, sounding rocket image trackers, mask aligners, and freight train weighing systems.

The KD-5690 digital measuring system utilizes Kaman’s custom sensors, signal processing, analog to digital converter, and custom calibration system to deliver a high bandwidth, precision differential measurement system. The system can be configured for either an Analog or a SPI output with a frequency resolution of 24kHz @ -3dB. Offering a small footprint, light weight, and low power consumption the KD-5690 is designed to optimize SWaP-C.

Additional applications include Optics, Energy, Semiconductor capital equipment, and more.

Differential Measuring Systems: