Air Gap Tool for Hydro Generators

Kaman’s Wireless Air Gap Tool is simple, fast, and accurate.
It’s designed for static alignment in large-scale hydro generators. It can be used at the time of initial installation and during re-assembly after maintenance procedures.

The Air Gap Tool is easily positioned at predetermined locations between the stator core and rotor poles. Air gap distance is accurately measured and transmitted wirelessly to a handheld Android™ device or iPhone® via the included App and stored on command.

The Air Gap Tool is simple to use and configurable with unencumbered mobility. It provides usable data and measurement you can trust.

Key features of the Air Gap Tool include:

  • Wireless Operation
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Real-Time Data Visibility
  • Easy Set up and operation

Optional accessories (extra charge):

  • Kaman alignment wedges
  • Custom alignment wedges to customer specs
  • Hard shell protective carry case with custom fit foam inserts
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