Engine manufactures continue to improve the quality, durability, and economy of the internal combustion engine. To accomplish their goals, they rely on sensor technologies that provide:

  • High Resolution
  • High Frequency Response
  • High Reliability

…all in an extremely harsh environment.





Extreme Environment Sensors

Non-contact displacement sensors based on proven eddy current, balanced bridge technology handle this well. With a wide selection of standard and application specific models to choose from, rugged and reliable, high-performance eddy current sensors are the ideal solution for demanding engine dynamic applications.

The Kaman Advantage – With over 40 years of design, development, and application of eddy current technology, there is very little that is new to Kaman Precision Products. Engine dynamic testing has been a continuing area of application for Kaman’s dispalcement sensors, that offer:

Rugged reliable technology – Operating temperatures to 1,000°F, pressures to 20,000 psi.

Eddy current technology – Performance unaffected by environment: grease, oil, water, dirt, grime, radiation, humidity, etc.

High Performance output – Sub-micron resolution, frequency response to 120 KHz. thermal stability to 0.02%.