The space industry of the 21st Century is vastly different than the space industry of the late 20th Century. New, private enterprises have partnered with Government space agencies to support traditional Government and Military space programs, as well as pursuing other commercial space ventures such as space tourism, the industrialization of space, the colonization of the Moon and Mars, asteroid mining, and secure worldwide internet and communications delivered via satellite constellations. The Global Space Economy has emerged, with projections of growth into several Trillions of dollars over the next two decades. This “New Space” market is characterized by the drive for fast-paced innovation, reusable resources, and a regular cadence of launches, all supported by commercial-scale economics.

Kaman Precision Products supports the space industry with our highly reliable high-precision non-contact eddy current displacement measurement systems. Whether in the test lab, on the launch vehicle, or in the depths of space, Kaman measuring systems have an impressive, unmatched pedigree of performance in the most challenging space applications from military weapons, to rocket engines, to satellites. Kaman KD-5100, KD-5100+, KD-5600, and DIT-5200L have proven performance in challenging development and space applications.

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