Kaman Precision Products has more than 40 years of experience designing, testing, and manufacturing non-contact inductive, eddy current technology measuring systems. Kaman’s inductive technology products are largely unaffected by such contaminants like dirt, oil, grease, water, radiation, and stray radio frequency or magnetic fields.

Offering multiple types of inductive technologies, Kaman has the applications engineering experience to help select the best product for an application and specializes in custom-designed measurement systems.

As an established aerospace company that has been an industry leader for more than 70 years, Kaman provides high-precision, electro-mechanical contract build to print manufacturing at its 215,000 square foot facility, which has 150,000 square feet of manufacturing area and 270 employees. The manufacturing facility is certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001 and features a Class 100 cleanroom.

Capabilities include complete program management, laser interferometer calibration, and optics testing and optical assembly calibration, as well as laser, electron beam, and gas-tungsten welding and CNC machining. Complete inspection and testing capabilities are also available, including full thermal and shock testing and microscopic and x-ray inspection.

General Purpose – Within its wide eddy current offerings, Kaman offers a variety of signal conditioning electronic circuit technologies to sense impedance variation and translate it into a usable displacement signal. Products include a wide variety of high-precision sensors and sensor systems for different measurement ranges, materials, environments, temperatures, and pressures.

High Precision – Kaman specializes in developing non-contact position measurement systems that make extremely precise measurements over relatively small ranges – down to the submicron level, smaller than one-millionth of a meter. Our position measurement systems may also be used to measure displacement, vibration, or speed.

Differential Systems – Differential measuring systems are a significant advancement in precision measurement technology. They provide exceptional resolution, repeatability, and nulling accuracy for detecting the aligned/centered position of a conductive target relative to a pair of non-contacting sensors.

Extreme Environment – Kaman’s high-temperature sensors and displacement measuring systems were initially designed for NASA and the nuclear power industry — applications requiring high reliability, accuracy, and structural integrity. We continue to challenge extreme environment requirements to expand and broaden our technology.

Complementing our position measurement products, we offer customers convenient one-stop shopping for a range of accessories that will help them get their measurement technologies up and running quickly. We also develop systems that include temperature sensing. High Precision sensors capable of operating in temperatures from cryogenic to 1100° F.

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