Extreme Environment

Kaman Precision Products manufactures a line of high precision sensors and systems specifically for extreme environment applications. These include three displacement measuring systems, all able to operate at high temperatures. The high temperature products were initially designed for NASA and the nuclear power industry — applications requiring high reliability, accuracy, and structural integrity. The same engineering skill and technology that went into Kaman’s +2,000°F microphone for measuring the dB level of jet engine exhaust noise, in the exhaust, went into the design and manufacture of this superior line of high temperature products.

Kaman developed advancements in the high temperature displacement sensor to measure steam turbine shaft runout in nuclear power plants. They are also used to measure nuclear fuel rod position/vibration, since these inductive sensors are unaffected by radiation and most other environmental contaminants.

This specialized line of high temperature sensors features precise operation at up to 1,000°F continuous and +1,200°F short term. They have resolution and repeatability comparable to Kaman’s conventional line of high precision systems. All of Kaman’s high temperature transducers are made with sealed, all laser-welded Inconel housings and use metal jacketed, mineral-insulated cable.

Extreme Environment Electronics and Sensors: