Digital Differential
Measuring Systems

The KD-5600 Family provides a 2-channel, digital, high-resolution differential measuring system that measures tilt-tip/differential position with nanometer accuracy. Typically, two sensors are placed on opposite sides of a target or target pivot point. For tip-tilt positioning, four sensors are used. Kaman uses an auto-calibration station to significantly reduce the cost and time required for calibration during system set-up. The digital output is designed to reduce susceptibility to signal drift and noise compared to similar analog-output systems. The KD-5600 operates with an input voltage of 8 – 30 VDC, making it compatible with modern data collection and processing systems.

KD-5690 FE (Front-End)

Provides direct access to both the analog and digital output signals, simplifying system set-up. Sensor null and offset can easily be verified using a voltmeter before switching to digital operation. The KD-5690 digital signal goes directly into the customer’s FPGA, providing high-speed signal linearization and temperature compensation, and allowing for oversampling to increase resolution.

KD-5656 (Full System)

This digital system is designed to interface directly to an embedded controller with a Master SPI bus. It then outputs two 24 bit digital words, one for CH-X and one for CH-Y each time the data is received and can linearize the sensor signal to as low as 0.04% FS and outputs the signal in engineering units. The KD-5656 is ideal for condition monitoring and preventative maintenance, with features including data file storage, event triggering, and in situ recalibration.

Designed for Non-Contact Linear Position Displacement Sensing Applications

  • High Resolution, Higher Accuracy
  • True Digital, Easy to use Communication
  • High bandwidth adjustable up to 60 KHz
  • Lower Noise, Higher Resolution
  • High End Communication SPI Bus for Fast Data Transfer
  • Superior Linearity
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