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Want to see a nanometer?
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Kaman's SMT-9700

New digiVIT digital inductive
displacement sensor
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Featured products:


• Displacement

• Vibration

• Alignment

• Dimensioning

• Sorting



General Purpose


High Resolution

KD-5100 / DIT-5200L



Digital - Ease of Use


• Laboratory test

• Process automation

• Industrial controls

• Integrate into
  OEM equipment


• XYZ stage position
  feedback in atomic
  force microscopy

• Z axis feedback

• Optics positioning


• Fast steering mirror

• Super precise
  laser focusing

• Cryogenics

• Image stabilization


• Process control

• Part sorting

• Condition monitoring

• Engine dynamics

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Kaman’s inductive (eddy current) systems can resolve position changes to the sub-atomic level. Many operate at extreme levels of pressure and temperature.

OEM versions available.


Because we can configure and tune our sensors to meet use requirements, we maintain a staff of experienced applications engineers to help recommend the appropriate solution.

• Proven inductive technology

• Non-contact to protect the target

• Extremely high resolution

• Unaffected by environmental


• Applications include:

  Industrial, aerospace, military,

  semiconductor, extremes

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