Kaman Precision Products Gets the Job Done Despite COVID-19

Since the start of the pandemic, Kaman Precision Products has taken steps to continue business as usual, while adhering to all social distancing restrictions that keep us safe. To take a recent example, Kaman had been scheduled to train a key business partner through in-person training. Despite lockdown restrictions, Kaman successfully trained this partner by switching to entirely virtual training. This involved the use of our Avaya phone system and extensive video conferencing.

Pictured is Steve Despres, the dedicated Kaman technician who hosted the 2-day remote training with our partner from an isolated area of Kaman Precision Products. Despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, Kaman’s dedicated staff have risen to the occasion to ensure all projects remain uninterrupted. The Director at our Partner company called to thank Kaman for putting together a seamless virtual training course that allowed the technitions to be fully engaged. Thanks to all the Kaman employees who made this a success!